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Video Vault: 7 Classic SMACK DVD Clips

Words by Daniel Isenberg (@StanIpcus)

In the early 2000s, when hip-hop mixtapes were still passed hand to hand on the block rather than via download links on Twitter, Smack DVD had the streets on smash with their compilation style video releases featuring the hottest acts in the game. SMACK DVD gave hip-hop fans exclusive access into the lives of our favorite artists, from interviews right in their hood, to live footage, to never before seen freestyle sessions. It was the raw, uncut shit that you couldn’t get on MTV or BET. It was the essence of street music, packaged perfectly for home viewing.

To piggyback off our new Mixtape Memories series, it’s our pleasure to bring to you our first Video Vault feature, containing 7 classic SMACK DVD clips. Take a trip with Cam’ron to court, join State Property for a drug-infused afternoon rhyme session, journey up to Yonkers with Jadakiss, and check out Kanye West’s ‘03 Polo b/w Louis Vuitton swag. Plus much more. Smmmmmaaaaaackkkkkk!

1. State Property Outdoor Freestyle Session

SMACK DVD caught up with State Property during the height of their Roc-A-Fella reign outside the “Can’t Stop, Won’t Stop” Young Gunz video shoot at a random catholic school. While Young Chris and Neef Buck were somewhere off filming, Oschino, Sparks, Peedi Crakk, Beanie Sigel, and Freeway were in the cut smoking drugs and spitting vicious a capellas with impeccable delivery for Smack. You gotta love how they back each other up with ad-libs, and also how they fuck with each other’s hats during verses. State Prop Chain Gang!

2. Jadakiss in Yonkers

Jadakiss and Smack linked up in Yonkers the week before his Kiss of Death album dropped to chop it up a bit, and also film some street videos for cuts off his classic Green Lantern mixtape The Champ is Here, including “40 Bars of Terror.” This is Kiss in his element, saying, “I’m on the block where I’m always at.” He also took Smack for a ride through the hood to introduce the viewers to some of the local YO folk. 914 stand up.

3. Kanye West Street Interview and Live Performance

Kanye took some time out before his debut album College Dropout hit stores to stunt for the Smack DVD camera, showing off his outfit and jewelry. He points to his diamond earring and jokes, “I could’ve drove this up here.” Plus, he admits to mixing Polo and Louis Vuitton, with GLC, John Monopoly, and Consequence by his side egging him on. It’s a fun clip of a young Yeezus, which also includes some live footage of Kanye performing “Keep The Receipt,” and Dame Dash presenting Twista with his Roc-A-Fella chain.

4. Funkmaster Flex Interview

Want a Funkmaster Flex rant, on film? Well SMACK DVD had you covered way back when with an exclusive interview with the Hot 97 radio kingpin himself. It’s interesting to hear him give props to DJ Clue here, and also throw shots at Benzino, calling him “the worst fucking rapper to ever touch down on the earth.” He also talks about how songs get played by him on the radio and in the club, saying that he in no way, shape, or form accepts payola, and that if you’re not popping on popular mixtapes, he’s not checking for you. He also brings up an example regarding KRS-One to explain his morals further. This is the real talk we’ve come to expect from Funk Flex, courtesy of SMACK DVD.

5. Ghostface Killah in Stapleton Projects

Tony Starks took SMACK DVD on a journey through Stapleton Projects in Staten Island to discuss the definition of a hood legend, how times were changing in the streets, and what made him want to start writing rhymes. Plus much more, including some local police fuckery on the block, and a capella bars from Trife and Big Ghost himself. Hearing Starks spit “The Juks” acapella surrounded by all his goons inside the project hallway is absolutely awesome. Only SMACK could bring you some raw Shaolin street shit like this.

6. Diplomats in Miami

SMACK took a trip down to Miami to check out the Diplomats’ out-of-state digs. They got a tour of their ridiculous crib courtesy of Cam’ron, and also the yacht where Jim Jones and Juelz Santana were staying. There was a lot of weed on that boat to be smoked, huh fellas? Cam also brought SMACK up to his other other crib for a bird’s eye view of South Beach, and to talk about record companies and why he respects Dame Dash. Dip Set Dip Set Dip Set what owwww!

7. Cam’ron Goes to Court

Talk about exclusive access. In this clip, Cam’ron lets Smack tag along with him for his ride to court as he awaits sentencing. As he returns from the courthouse, he shows the camera the paperwork saying that he received five years probation. It’s a moment of mixed emotions, as he’s obviously happy that he dodged jail time, but also visibly pissed about not being allowed to leave NYC and having to piss for his probation officer. The clip also includes footage from the “Killa Cam” video shoot, and an incredible explanation of his preference for pink.

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Stay tuned for more from our Video Vault series