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KiD CuDi Covers Complex (October/November)

Monday, September 19th, 2011

A sober and clear-minded KiD CuDi speaks to Complex Editor In Chief Noah Callahan-Bever for their October/November issue. In the magazine’s third cover story with the rapper/actor in three years, he speaks about cleaning up his act, recent career moves such as his highly publicized separation from managers Pat & Emile, his relationship with women, fucking with other people musically (he still doesn’t, btw), making up with Wale, working on a rock album, being sober and the TV show.

So not a lot of features in your future?
I’m not interested in being someone’s look. And that’s what it is nowadays—a look. It’s hard for me to charge people, because I do my stuff for free. I do all my stuff with Jay and Kanye on the house, because it’s a brotherhood. Besides them, I can’t really hit nobody with a fee, because then that’s a dispute. What I want to charge, motherfuckers might not have a budget for!

On top of that, it’s a commitment when you do a song with somebody. Like, “We need a single, we need the video.” And then—like I said in the last interview, being that I don’t fuck with most people musically—it’s tough for me to want to bend and be a part of people’s projects.

Full story: Complex.

Behind the scenes from the cover shoot after the jump.

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