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Video: MTV Mixtape Daily – Sean C & LV + Whoo Kid Talks Imaginary Em & 50 Joint Album

Friday, May 29th, 2009

via MTV News:

…Next Wave of Flav

On Ghostface Killah: “We cooking that up right now. The last three Ghost albums we been on. The last one we had five [tracks]. … The chemistry with Ghost is very good. It’s mostly an automatic thing. He’ll have a beat CD for a minute and when he’s ready, he’s like, ‘I want this one this one and this one.’ It just happens.” – Sean C.

On Clipse: “We got three on [their next album]. I’m exited about that. They spit your head off. It’s hard, straightforward, aggressive. They do what they do.” – Sean C.

“The beats don’t sound like us. One of them does, but the others don’t.” – LV

On Slaughterhouse: “We’re really in the beginning stages of it. We’re trying to scope a sound for Slaughter House so it’s their sound, not somebody else’s. We’re sending them joints, they got a bunch of joints they picked.” – Sean C.

On Wale: “I think he sounds real good. I definitely like the record we did. I like the Cool & Dre record. We went in a few times with him. The joint we did got Travis Barker on the drums. Wale got that done while he was is in L.A. The beat was done, then Travis played over it, then we played on top of what Travis did.” – LV

“It’s called ‘OG.’ He’s talking about how OGs schooled him to the game and how they was when they were young and how he listens to them. It’s not a street OG thing, but he touches on how things were different at that time.” – Sean C.

After the jump, Whoo Kid calls in to talk about a Em & 50 joint album idea that they’ve kicked around for years.

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Video: Mixtape Monday: Gucci Mane, Whoo Kid Banned From Em’s Studio & 50 Tape, Erick Sermon Talks Keith Murray & Canibus Album

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Damn, we’re late again with Mixtape Monday. I wasn’t here yesterday and eskay/nation missed it.

Sidenote: I don’t know em personally (eskay does) but much respect to Shaheem, Rahman & Jason. I’ve followed Mixtape Monday religiously since 2002 before blogs blew up. They were my Nah Right before Nah Right. They’re still killing it.

Read the whole writeup at MTV News:

He has his face on almost as many mixtape covers as Lil Wayne and the streets have been shouting his name for a while — Gucci Mane is home and he doesn’t want to stop working.

“I was very excited about the new popularity I had,” Gucci said about the fresh batch of fans he gained during the past seven months he spent in jail. “I got a bigger audience to dig my new stuff. I’m always making music, so to do it in front of bigger audience so more people can tune in … I got more listeners now.”

While he was incarcerated, Gucci’s camp and friends launched a campaign to help keep his name in people’s ears. He had over an album’s worth of material circulating through the underground, including tracks he recorded for himself or guest appearances on other artists’ songs. He wasted no time in getting back out there after he was released from the big house.

“My new mixtape is called Writing on Da Wall,” he explained in Atlanta recently. “I started working on it when I got out of jail. … I put some of the best verses I think I ever wrote on it. I’m gearing them up for my album … I just went hard in on ’em. Me and DJ Holiday came up with a concept and put a lot of lifetime experiences on them songs.”
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