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Video: Ice-T Interview w/ ThisisBooBoo

Tuesday, June 19th, 2012

Ice sits down with Jack Thriller and talks about the new movie and why he made it, how some rappers have “more words in their hooks than their verses” and typing at niggas on the internet.

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Video: Wyclef Jean – Mic Check Mondays Freestyle

Tuesday, July 28th, 2009

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PICS: Curtis on the Set of Entourage

Monday, June 15th, 2009


Last week ThisisCurtis threw up a behind the scenes picture of Jerry Ferrara (Turtle) and Booboo (this was after having posted the trailer for the next season of Entourage).

Hit the jump for a shot of Curtis on the set with Jerry Ferrara (Turtle)  & Adrian Grenier (Vince). Looking forward to Season 6, premieres July 12th.

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Video: Curtis Is Dropping An LP Next Week

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Booboo recently spoke to MTV News about it:

The G-Unit General is putting out a project of all-new material called War Angel LP on Tuesday via ThisIs50.com. He says it’s more like a street album than a mixtape. Fif — who’s in L.A. right now recording Before I Self Destruct with Timbaland and Polow Da Don — said he’s throwing heat rocks all summer long, then dropping his official LP in September (dare we dream he drops the same day as Jay?).

Here we go again.

“You know what it is, it’s a conflict,” Fif described. “The exact opposite. I didn’t want to write Angel Demon. It’s not the contrast between good and bad. But … if someone’s at war, I’m sure they’re saying their prayers. They believe they have angels around them. What would you call an angel around a soldier at war?”

This sounds like a cry for help.

“That’s why I titled it that,” he added. “Creatively, this is not even a mixtape. That’s why I put LP next to it. … My core audience will understand it immediately, and it’s written specifically for that.” […]

“It’s not a specific target, a specific person, I’m writing about,” he clarified. “When you hear it, out of all the material I put on the street, you’re gonna say that’s the best body of work I put out in the mixtape circuit, period. The way the mood of music is right now, when they hear what this is, they’ll say, ‘That’s what we needed.’ “

What an outrageous statement.

More 50 Cent underground releases will follow in just a few short weeks.

“I have two other tapes to follow it,” he revealed. “Fourth of July, Sincerely Southside Part 2 coming out with mostly ’90s music on it. Timeless music, classic hit records. Then, after that, there’s a G-Unit mixtape. It’s actually untitled. I’ll be finished with it in the next day or so.”

He also said that he’s not beefing with Rawsey Bawsey anymore. *yawn*

Hit the jump for War Angel‘s track list + front and back  covers.

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Video: Tony Yayo – Candy Man

Thursday, June 4th, 2009

BooBooTV? Did someone question our trendsetting? Okay, that’s what I thought.

Previously: DJ Whoo Kid & Tony Yayo – The Swine Flu (Mixtape)

Video: Tony Yayo Reading Nah Right Comments

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Say what you want about watching Tony Yayo videos, but this is my job. Well truthfully, I thought the video quality looked cool and the description said something about Marvin addressing the hate from “fans” on blogs – so I said fuck it, maybe he’ll say something funny. (Click play…)

The song isn’t that bad, but really I’m impressed at the maturity of how he handled the situation. At least he did something about it and acknowledged it, even if it’s to say he’ll let it roll off his back. That’s better than threatening physical violence on your fans (that happens on other sites) or his boss who’s still in denial and will ignore, thinking  it’ll go away.

Oh and if you give a shit, this is off his Swine Flu (smh) mixtape coming next week. Hit the jump to see the cover (smh) and for an MP3 to the song.

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Video: Cory Gunz x Nipsey Hussle Freestyle

Monday, May 11th, 2009

Performing live at Sha Money XL’s producer conference “One Stop Shop” in Phoenix, Arizona.

Video: Officer Rawse: “Yeah That Picture Was Rick Ross”

Friday, March 20th, 2009

Lieutenant Ross speaks to Big Boy & em about the beef with BooBoo. Of course he’s speaking like he won taking it in stride, because he’s Bawse.

After the jump, Big Boy wastes no time to jump into the C.O. questions. Angie can’t get a real interview from you but now that a television channel offers to stuff your tight little jean pockets with money you’re ready to speak about it? Or that a magazine is giving you the cover, you’ll talk to them? You had to wait for a release date to save yourself… but that wasn’t possible after The Smoking Gun’s exposé… Nah right? I’ll laugh when XXL comes out with Curtis on the cover talking about Tia & Brooke and the other dirt he has on you.

Edit: My bad, comments are now open.

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