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Video: Gavin Sheppard Speaks on The Remix Project

Friday, June 12th, 2009

hustleGRL was telling me about this earlier today:

The Remix Project is a youth program which facilitates the growth of Toronto’s new generation. Kids who qualify for the program pick a stream to focus on whether it be music, design, business, promotions, engineering etc…they make a goal to achieve and with the help and guidance of industry mentors as well as The Remix Project staff they work towards achieving those goals.

This initiative is currently playing a HUGE role in developing Toronto’s urban music scene as local talents like hustleGRL (design and overall web guru), Rich Kidd (producer) and Drake (his first second mixtape was recorded there) are only some of the few who can claim that The Remix Project has already opened a lot of doors for their careers.

The reason for this e-mail is that a large portion of the program’s government funding is being cut at the end of the summer so we’re all trying to pitch in and bring awarness to their fundraising event and website. The event is tonight here in Toronto but people can donate anytime at www.theremixproject.ca/give.

[No, I’m not from Toronto and nah, I don’t have a stake in this project.]