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Video: Allen Hughes on Beef with Tupac

Monday, January 14th, 2013

Filmmaker Allen Hughes visits Sway in the Morning to plug his new flick Broken City and goes deep into his relationship and subsequent falling out with Tupac. He talks about the first time he met ‘Pac and how he saw a change in the rapper’s personality after they attended an advance screening of the movie Juice.

He also shares how their relationship began to deteriorate after a verbal confrontation on the set of Menace II Society, an event that would ultimately lead to ‘Pac rolling on Hughes at a Spice 1 video shoot with “12 or 13” Crips.

It should probably be noted that the version of events Hughes gives here conflicts somewhat with what he told VIBE back in 2009 when he stated that “Tupac didn’t lay a hand on me”. Nevertheless, he does go out of his way to say that his beef with ‘Pac wasn’t ever really about anything, and that he still has great respect for him as an artist and cultural icon.

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