Freebass 808 – Moonbass EP

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Freebass 808 comprised of Suede and Apple Juice Kid finally release to the world the Moonbass EP in its entirety.

Here it is, finally you can have everything, the videos are mobile ready, and the audio contains two Bonus tracks. Thanks to Freebass 808 and Battalion Armour.

Props to Hallway Jay

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Freebass 808 x Battalion Armour – Moonbass EP MixFilm

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009


After months of preparation it finally touches down. Freebass 808 and Battalion Armour along with and Android Homme bring to you a very unique MixFilm with a completely interactive player. The visuals are courtesy of Battalion Armour’s very own Tishaun Dawson along with a soundtrack provided by Suede (Camp Lo) and Apple Juice Kid comprised as Freebass 808. Look out next week for the audio plus two bonus tracks. Now without further a due check out the film.

1) Phase One
2) Future Love featuring Sy Smith
3) Sky Ocean featuring Simone from Rare Formula
4) Ultimate Bliss featuring The New Radicals
5) Many Moons featuring Janelle Monae

Watch it here.