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Video: Martha Cooper & Henry Chalfant on the 25th Anniversary Edition of Subway Art

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Martha Cooper and Henry Chalfant talk about their seminal graf bible Subway Art and the new 25th Anniversary reissue that’s about to drop.

Not to sound dramatic or anything, but this book pretty much changed my entire life. It’s the reason why you know me as ‘eskay’ today. It’s the reason why I love art. It’s the reason why they have my name on the books down at 100 Centre Street.

I destroyed property because of this book. I shoplifted because of this book. I cut school because of this book. I ruined mad gear because of this book. I made friends, and eventually lost some, all because of this one book.

Well, this and Spraycan Art. Those two books right there started some shit.