Russell Simmons and Steve Rifkind Launch All Def Music

Tuesday, July 23rd, 2013

Uncle Russ today announced that himself, former Loud/SRC executive Steve Rifkind and director and producer Brian Robbins are launching a new label called All Def Music. ADM, which will launch under Universal Music Group, will focus on “the promotion and development of artists via the medium of YouTube”. The trio will also be launching All Def Digital Management with Rifkind serving as CEO. The announcement follows last year’s launch of the All Def Digital content channel on Youtube by Russell’s Rush Digital Media. Asher Roth and Youtube star Spoken Reasons are reportedly among the label’s first signings. Roth is expected to launch an “unscripted music themed show” called Lemonade as part of the deal.

I like the fact that they’ll be focusing their efforts on Youtube, because the site really has become one of the most powerful music discovery platforms that we have today. That being said, any venture that sounds groundbreaking but then turns out to be backed by UMG has to get the knee-jerk Cam face.

Read the full story over at Billboard

Russell spoke to CNET about the venture:

“When I looked at this, I saw a big, giant white space,” said Simmons, who, at 55, speaks with the enthusiasm of a man who’s just getting started. “There’s a lot happening online that’s not being managed properly. These artists are in separate worlds, and not everything bubbles up to the top. That’s my job.”

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Video: Steve Rifkind Interview w/ HHC Pt. 2

Monday, March 8th, 2010

Says Sumit of The Hip-Hop Chronicle UK:

In the second part of my interview with Steve Rifkind, the SRC founder recounts the time when he signed the Wu Tang Clan.

He was with E. Swift (Tha Alkaholiks) when RZA brought “Protect Your Neck” for them to hear. An hour later, RZA brings the whole clan to the spot and they perform “Protect Your Neck”. While they are performing, a random intern (who I’ll call the phantom intern) runs into the room saying “that’s that shit!”. Steve Rifkind only saw that intern on that day and never again. But that guy ultimately influenced Rifkind’s decision to sign the Wu.

We speak about his relationship with Diddy. He revealed that Rifkind introduced Diddy to Clive Davis’ bosses.

I also ask Steve about his first run-in with Tupac Shakur. Steve Rifkind revealed that Pac stayed at his house in L.A. because Steve’s label were doing the promotion for Interscope at the time (before Death Row). Steve and Tupac used to smoke together at the office.

And finally Steve tells me the time when he broke his nose playing basketball and while on the way to the hospital, he was told to listen to 3 Akon records, which he loved and decided he had to sign him.

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Video: Steve Rifkind Interview w/ HHC Pt. 1

Saturday, March 6th, 2010

Says Sumit of The Hip-Hop Chronicle UK:

I caught up with Steve Rifkind during his stay in London.

Firstly I got him to break down the Duck Seazon lyrics where RZA says “Stev Rifkind must be sniffin”.

We then get onto speaking about Steve’s first encounters with artists.

He explains how Havoc lit up a blunt and caused a fire alarm during their first meet.

Steve talks about the first time he met Melanie Fiona and thought her manager was “breath-takingly beautiful”.

Dame Dash as a 16 year old was a “cocky motherfucker”. He came into Steve’s office shouting and screaming with his cousin.

Then Steve tells me two stories about how he threw a chair out of the window and was escorted out of the building in handcuffs over a Wu Tang record and how he almost had a fight with a label President because they wouldn’t sign Jay-Z.

Video: Asher Roth + Nicki Minaj on Loud Favorites

Friday, May 29th, 2009

Funny, the new has a striking resemblance to VladTV…

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