Video: The Smokers Club Tour 2012 (Episode 4)

Monday, August 13th, 2012

The Smokers Club One Hazy Summer tour continues & so does The Hazy Olympics. Peter the manager also makes an appearance & talks his shit. Overall were still Smokin n Jokin in every city. GoodTalk ya Pricks.

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Video: The Smokers Club Tour (Week 2)

Wednesday, November 2nd, 2011

This shit is 2 funny! You kinda gotta know the inner workings of our circle to fully get the whole shit but long story short, DZA is the reigning NBA2k12 champ on our bus. Their is a vicious rivalry between DZA & K.R.I.T. , as you can see in the clip DZA is freestylin about his knicks, while K.R.I.T. beatboxes then switches up & starts rhyming bout his Bulls. There is also a lil spider prank played on DZA that def. caught him off guard. We end this episode with Curren$y & Fiend discussing the 7 hour border ordeal the PO PO put us through. They took our phones & told us stay off twitter!

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Video: The Smokers Club Tour (Week 1)

Monday, October 24th, 2011

The Smokers Club:

After a year of planning the 2nd annual Smokers Club Tour we took to the road for week 1. Meth brought out Red, DZA Hairline disappeared, Shiest Bubz hosted the shows with Cinematic Sidekick Cuzzin Todd & i decided to grip some wood wheel at a random Walmart while a hater chased me. There is also some footage of 1 our Bus Drivers & Tour manager extrodinaire Dutchington talkin his shit about the tour so far. Roll up, Smoke n Joke do whatever it is you do but 1 thing is mandatory bring yo muthafuckin lungs with ya.

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