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SeDrew Price – The X-Files (Mixtape)

Wednesday, September 29th, 2010

The latest offering from the Las Vegas rapper:

A true artist never divorces their marriage to music. No matter how long it may take to complete a new project or a song, the creative process of musical artistry never ends. Although it has been over a year since SeDrew Price released ‘The Day After Tomorrow,’ he has been in the studio steadily recording and improving his craft. As with most projects, there are always more recorded material than can fit on the final cut. “The X-Files” is a journey through time, compiling SeDrew’s favorite previously recorded and mostly unreleased material from over the years. With a wide selection of songs never released, fans will be pleased to hear new familiar sounds along SeDrew’s lyrical progression. With each release SeDrew Price buzz gets louder and louder, so download “The X-Files” NOW and see what all the BUZZ is about!

Track list and download link after the jump.

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SeDrew Price – Quarantine x The Truman Show

Wednesday, July 1st, 2009


SeDrew Price – Quarantine

Las Vegas is an unexpected destination and a man-made phenomenon. Surrounded by miles upon miles of darkness, its concentrated cluster of bright lights makes it one of the few cities easily identifiable from outer space. Tucked within a bowl-shaped valley and enveloped by mountains on all sides, if it weren’t for Las Vegas’ literal and figurative electricity, Las Vegas probably wouldn’t attract much interest. The same is true for the talented artists living in Vegas who are making sparks in an otherwise bleak environment. In a city where “What Happens Here Stays Here” SeDrew Price is a prime example of the kind of local energy that makes Sin City more than just a spot on the map or a place to visit. Thanks to his high-voltage presence and serious lyrical ability, SeDrew Price stands out as a self-made star amidst a backdrop not known for breeding musical talent. Delivering serious static electricity over a DJ Babu track, here is SeDrew’s his latest single off the upcoming mixtape T.D.A.T (7.02.09), “Quarantine.” So download and enjoy this sample, cuz with T.D.A.T. on the way, Vegas is about to get a whole lot brighter.

Bonus: SeDrew Price – The Truman Show

Look out for SeDrew Price‘s The Day After Tomorrow dropping soon. Shouts to BK2LV.