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S.A.S. ft. Cam’ron, Timali & Fler – Foreign Exchange

Thursday, March 11th, 2010


If you frequent Twitter, you may have recently come across some nonsensical tweets about an imaginary situation involving this site and these S.A.S. guys. I’m not gonna give that type of fuckery any more light by explaining it here, but just know that it’s all unfounded bullshit. Furthermore I will say the same thing I say to any fuck boy who wants to utter lies about this site in public: give the people you’re lying to some proof or keep this site and my name outcha mouf.

It’s like this: If you’re an artist who feels like your music should be posted here and that’s not happening, then I really don’t know what the fuck to tell you. Work harder? Get a Cam verse? We post shit we personally enjoy and respect or that we feel will be of some interest to our readers. Do talented artists get overlooked? I’m sure they do, but there’s only so many hours in a day and there’s only so much wack shit me, Dre and nation can put up with.

Do some of you feel like some of the shit we post is wack and undeserving? Of course you do. Do any of us give a fuck? Of course not. THIS WILL NEVER CHANGE. The fact of the matter is, alot of you niggas make me want to quit blogging altogether and go back to fixing computers. Why are you clowns still emailing me asking me to interview your artist or review your album, when we don’t do either of those things on this site and likely never will? Are you even paying attention or did you just read somewhere that this was the hottest rap blog and now you want a post? You niggas are gonna fuck around and make me turn this into a Sean Price fan site.

S.A.S. ft. Cam’ron, Timali & Fler – Foreign Exchange