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Video: DJ Khaled Says “I’m Not Dead”

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It’s really a testament to internet rap fuckery, as well as good old fashioned web rumor mongering that this guy would actually have to make this. If you weren’t burning the midnight oil early Tuesday morning, you probably missed all of the hoopla on Twitter about the guy out in L.A. in the white Bentley who led police on a low-speed car chase before taking his own life. First, everybody speculated that the driver might be a distraught Chris Brown making a final desperate stand against the LAPD. Or maybe it was R.Kelly or Kanye’s mullet, since the Bentley had Illinois plates? But then pictures of the guy’s face started to leak out and when people saw that the gentlemen was of Middle-Eastern descent, everybody ran with the “it’s DJ Khaled” story, seemingly out of sheer boredom and frustration at having invested hours of their lives into watching this fuckfest unfold.

So anyway, that’s the backstory, and this is why we see DJ Khaled above denying his own demise. Nice work internets.