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Dolla – Role Model

Sunday, May 23rd, 2010


Dolla’s friend and DJ Shabazz, pictured above with Dolla, just sent this unreleased song in light of the 21 year old rapper’s killer being acquitted of murder charges.

shot dolla in the back 3 times on camera and walked away free. only thing we can think of is that the jury heard dolla’s lyrics and really took the “gangster, pistol poppin lyrics” literally.. but that doesn’t justify dude shooting dolla 4 times and then turnin and shooting at me and his other brother 6 times.. we were unarmed and he unloaded a whole clip.. this is bullshit so im leaking this track. Dolla- Role Model. they wanna talk about all the negative lyrics.. well heres some uplifting positive shit..

I can’t say I was familiar with dude’s music while he was alive, but AHH is reporting that even the Deputy District Attorney said that the jury’s decision might have been influenced by the VICTIM’s rap lyrics. That’s some of the saddest shit I’ve ever heard.

Dolla – Role Model