Video: T-Pain – Reverse Cowgirl

Thursday, March 18th, 2010

The first single from T-Pain’s rEVOLVEr. Directed by Jeremy Rall.

We skipped on posting the behind the scenes pictures from the shoot because Young Jeezy wasn’t there, but we came to find out that he doesn’t appear in the video at all. So this is for archival purposes only.

Previously: T-Pain feat. Young Jeezy – Reverse Cowgirl

T-Pain feat. Young Jeezy – Reverse Cowgirl

Tuesday, February 2nd, 2010


It’s funny, as these pictures were coming out, I was both happy for T-Pain for winning a Grammy for “Blame It” but at the very same time, I felt a certain way about them letting him and Jamie Foxx perform during “prime time” and think they filled their hip hop quota for the night, because they didn’t. And then he goes and drops this song:

T-Pain feat. Young Jeezy – Reverse Cowgirl


G.O.A.T. song title btw. It’s off Teddy Pain’s fourth album rEVOLVEr.