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Eminem – Drop A Bomb On ‘Em (CDQ)

Monday, December 7th, 2009


I held off on posting this yesterday but apparently Shady Records wants it out so here it is.

Eminem – Drop A Bomb On ‘Em (prod. Dr. Dre) | Clean

The Refill drops December 21st. Props to @KLEPONE

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Freeway – When I Rap

Monday, October 5th, 2009


Free gets his Eminem flow on for this joint off his upcoming Freelapse.

Freeway – When I Rap

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Video: Alchemist Interview w/ Gooch

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Gooch talks to Alchemist about touring with (the sober) Eminem, and what they now have to do make time go by:

“We play a lot of Uno on tour with Em. He enjoys my Uno game. Now that he’s sober, it’s a little bit different these days. Not many tequila parties before the show. It’s more like 80s music and Uno, and we’re ready to rock. Private jets, Uno, pizza, 80s music… Air Supply, “Fast Car” Tracy Chapman, Hall and Oates. That’s basically what we do.”

Make sure to go here to get Gooch’s insight on the project, from even before this interview took place. Alchemist’s Chemical Warfare (finally) drops July 7th. Also, hit the jump to see more of Gooch’s conversation with Alchemist as well as Al’s sit down with Peter Rosenberg to discuss, what else, being Eminem’s tour DJ.

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Audio: Eminem Interview on Shade45

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

He speaks on Relapse 2 and the Voodoo Festival Show. Spotted at X’s.

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Video: Eminem feat. Curtis & Dr. Dre – Crack A Bottle (Full Version)

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Credit goes to Mr. World Premiere on the leak upload.

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Amynem: Eminem x Amy Winehouse – Rehab vs. Relapse (Cookin Soul Mashup)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009

Cookin Soul checked Marshall into Popsomp Hills Rehab Center.

Download here. Follow @CookinSoul on Twitter.

The above video is “Cleaning Out My Closet” x “Rehab”. Dope as fuck.

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Video: Asher Roth Fucks With Relapse

Wednesday, May 20th, 2009

Could this be the beginning of a bromance?

“He broke down barriers and stereotypes of what the stigma of a white rapper was … but the thing about Eminem that I just appreciated so much is that … it’s really crazy when people start to put cameras in your face and want to talk about you and your life all the time,” Roth told MTV News. “And somebody of the personality type of Eminem, I’m so proud [of him] for going through so much hardship, so much craziness and so much stuff where anybody else would’ve just pulled the plug, [but] Eminem came out the beautiful person he is, and [he still] puts it all on the table for people.

“He puts it out on the table for everybody to take from and learn from,” Roth continued. “And for that, I have nothing but love and respect for somebody who can do that, and do that well.”

And Em has never put it all out there quite like he does on Relapse, an album full of jaw-dropping tales of drug addiction, abuse, darkness and his own mortality. And when Roth heard it, he was blown away — if not a little terrified. More proof, he says, that Em is in a league by himself.

“I’ve heard the Relapse album and, speaking honestly, it’s very aggressive and dark and it’s … it’s not easy listening. But when you get down to it, it’s a grower, because you sit here and you’re witnessing somebody who’s putting so much of himself out there, and it’s just like, ‘Whoa,’ ” he said. “You feel the depression and you feel how upset and how crazy these last few years and the whole ride has been for him. Like I said, for somebody to keep their cool — as stressful as the everyday world is — and then try to take on the responsibilities of being a public figure, and having all the hardships he’s had to deal with and to have him still come out the beautiful human being he is, there’s nothing else to say but ‘Bravo.’ “

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Audio: Eminem Asked About “The Voice”

Sunday, May 17th, 2009


Tim Westwood asks Shady about something that’s been keeping some Nah Right commenters up at night [||].

Audio: Eminem Interview w/ Tim Westwood (Snippet)

Waiting to hear that freestyle as well.

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Eminem x Undefeated

Thursday, May 14th, 2009


Cool shirt, track list on the back seems a bit much though.

Launching his first album in some time, Eminem and UNDFTD hook-up on a commemorative t-shirt. The front design features the iconic Strike-Through logo with an Eminem logo with the track listing on the back. Available now at Eminem.com.

Click for Front and back detail:



Spotted at Hypebeast.

Photo: Eminem x Stewie on Family Guy

Tuesday, May 12th, 2009


Episode airs this Sunday 5/17, but there’s a catch:

So, he really is a Family Guy! Eminem will appear along with Stuey on this coming Sunday, 5/17, in several interstitial programming breaks throughout the night on Fox. What? Why? Tune in and find out what Stuey and Em chop it up about… Classic material.

Don’t you just love it when FOX is milking this shit until the last drop.

Props to Paul Rosenberg.

Em, It’s Paul. I just listened to the entire album, and you gotta be fuckin kidding me. I mean with this Christopher Reeve shit, you know the guys dead right? And then the whole gay stepfather incest rape thing? I don’t have your back on this one, I can’t even fuckin handle it, I’m done.