Video: Rosenberg Files #4: What His TV Show Would Be Like

Monday, May 25th, 2009

If I can call out people like rappers— I’m sure Carson Daly is a good dude, we have mutual friends.. but if I call Carson Daly like yo ‘get our desks next to each other and see who holds down the more entertaining talkshow and we’ll vote’.. But nah, I’m not calling out Carson. on a really desperate day on Worldstar they’ll be like “Peter Roseberg Calls Out Carson!”. The most boring day of hip-hop history.. Those spots are so hard to get and when you watch someone doing it and you don’t see anything crazy happening..

DiceMusicTV’s final chapter of the Rosenberg Files. Talks about the kind of show he would like, getting Clinton Sparks money, and a certain late night host that isn’t doing the job justice. Shouts to Zack.

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