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The Rap Draft with Peter Oasis (Festival Edition)

Saturday, February 8th, 2014

Unlike fantasy sports, the fantasy rap season never ends. And so with a new year comes a new Rap Draft! For our first installment of 2014 we tapped OG concert promoter and all-around New York City nightlife maven Peter Oasis for a special Festival Edition of our Dream Team series. This is the guy you want to talk to if you’re trying to get an event popping in New York City, so we asked him to put together a fantasy lineup of solo acts, groups, DJs and personalities that would make for a truly memorable festival experience.

Click here to check out his squad: Rap Draft with Peter Oasis

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The Rap Draft with UpNorthTrips (’90s Edition)

Sunday, December 8th, 2013

UpNorthTrips, the Smithsonian of vintage Rap imagery, is an invaluable archive of Rap and Sports visuals that can transport you back to the Golden Era with a few clicks of your mouse. It’s been one of my daily reads for years now and it should be one of yours. Given site founder Ev Boogie’s extensive knowledge of Hip-Hop’s defining decade, we figured he’d be ideal for a special ’90s edition of our Rap Draft series. Hit the link below to find out what MCs, producers and creatives he’d select for his All-’90s squad.

Click here to read Rap Draft with UpNorthTrips (’90s Edition)

Previously: Rap Draft with Dallas Penn | Rap Draft with Dante Ross

Rap Draft with Dante Ross

Thursday, November 7th, 2013

Do you think you could successfully run your own record label? Who would you sign? What executive would you select to run it? What if you could play the Rap Game like a fantasy sports competition? That’s the question we posed to Dante Ross in this first installment of our new feature, Rap Draft. Ross, one of the most accomplished and knowledgeable A&R men of the last 25 years, has helped bring some of our favorite artists to market throughout his storied career. We wanted to know who he’s feeling these days, and to make it interesting we broke it down into a fantasy format.

Click here to see what Rappers, producers and execs Dante drafted to his Rap Fantasy Team