Video: Bun B’s In-Store @ Stussy Toronto

Saturday, February 5th, 2011

Not sure when this places in time vs. the Houston t-shirt release, but Stussy Toronto recently collaborated with Bun B (along with Ransom and Undefeated) on a “Keep It Trill” t-shirt to coincide with his show in Toronto last month.

Stay tuned for the official footage from the Big Sean x Ransom/Stussy in-store. Shouts to Matt George and Lola for setting that up.

Pics: Ransom Holding Co.

Sunday, June 14th, 2009


Never got around to posting these when they dropped their new line.

More from Ransom: they recently collaborated w/ adidas | sneak peak

Their fitteds are pretty cool too, a lot of which you can check out here.

We were discussing this kind of clothing on the comments the other day. The general consensus was that this is the direction in which fashion is heading right now. Street wear’s definitely been heavy for the past few years, but it just seems to make more sense when you can mix it with some pieces from modern style. I know I definitely can’t do t-shirts and jeans every single day anymore.

Their online store has been up and running since the end of March (my bad Oliver), make sure to check it out here. Complex and SlamXHype recently had some kind words for them as well.

Listen: “They chant MVP when I shoot a free throw”Lil Wayne