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RAST RFC Remembers Pumpkinhead

Wednesday, June 10th, 2015


On Tuesday, May 9th, Robert “Pumpkinhead” Diaz, a well respected MC and adept lyricist well known in the underground NYC Rap scene for nearly two decades passed away at the age of 39. I asked his childhood friend RAST RFC if he’d like to say a few words in rememberance of PH.

Words by RAST

When I was a child, every so often, I would look in the mirror and repeatedly ask myself “Who am I.” This was a strange question for such a young kid to be asking himself, but I often felt compelled to do so. After doing this for about a minute, I would almost not recognize my own facial features. It was as if a stranger was staring back at me. I would then feel a surreal joy and peace. Fast forward twenty something years later, while doing some spiritual searching and reading some Buddhist literature, I read that the “Who am I,” meditation is an ancient portal into the present moment in order to become consciously aware of oneness with all life: me, you, your dog, the grass, the trees. It is apparently all connected to one life source. The life that is inside of you, is the same life that is inside of me and every other living thing. Some people call this “the Universe” or “God.”

Yesterday, a dear friend of mine, Robert “PH” Diaz returned to that one source of life that is inside of us all. A loss that will be felt deeply as tears stream down the face of Hip-Hop as she cries and we mourn. I love you man. You are my brother. The funny thing is, I have known you so long, I have no idea where or how we met. I just remember knowing you since I was maybe twelve or thirteen. You are one of the most prolific MC’s I have ever had the privilege of knowing. I can remember days you would eat rappers alive in Washington Square Park and wash them down with a 40 ounce of Old English. You will be truly missed. But, since you have entered the one source of life that is in us all, it’s like you’re guiding my fingers as they move across this keyboard right now. You’re still here and you always will be. I can feel it.

Condolences to the Diaz family from the entire RFC Crew.

You can donate to the memorial fund for Robert Diaz here.

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