Young Hov x Young Angel

Saturday, June 6th, 2009


Jay-Z overload (n/h), I know. You’re fed up of seeing Drake’s name, no problem. But if I could just bring your attention to this little piece of information that may have fallen on deaf ears, it could be a completely unconfirmed rumor, but it’s Saturday morning and I’m gonna go in…

You might already be trying to convince yourself that you’ve never even liked Jay-Z’s singles, and that’s fine… but just think that even if Drake is only on there to sing, they’re definitely going back and forth on his album [||].

The comments on this site might not have shown it, but just looking at the zShare numbers added to Jay-Z shutting down Twitter last night… This might actually be an epic summer for music fans. If Jay AND Common both sat down with Kanye and No ID for their albums, plus if Yeezy’s planning to drop again – added to the all the (new) dope acts  who are already planning to make an impact…. When has it ever been this good? (no old head)

ALSO: You won’t believe what Drizzy Splizzy told me, it’s also regarding D.O.A. and it might add another perspective to last night’s events. Keep your eyes glued, coming shortly. (poz)

FURTHERMORE: No Miss Info, but I heard something else from an independent source about these two (pictured above), but Jay’s favorite line…

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