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Drake’s Full Interview in GQ

Tuesday, June 18th, 2013

Shot by Mario Sorrenti

GQ landed the first real interview of the Nothing Was The Same media cycle. In it, not only does Drake discuss rap, love and Chris Brown, but also money, his security, family and talks at lengths about what goes into making his songs:

In one song off the new album, Drake delves into the pain of his parents’ split, but as always for Drake, it’s raw material—powerful, personal, and cautionary—reshaped as art. And it’s what makes Drake Drake: his willingness to go there and say it out loud, and in that way possess it. If it’s an impulse not wholly recognizable in rap, it suggests that perhaps Drake belongs on a slightly different continuum, one belonging, at least in spirit, to confessional poets or expressionist painters or indie bands like the xx, a band he loves. But, he says, his lodestar for the new work has been Marvin Gaye’s Here, My Dear, the 1978 double-album confessional chronicling the collapse of Gaye’s first marriage, described by one critic as “the sound of divorce…exposed in all its tender-nerve glory.”

“It’s so honest,” says Drake, who’s also been recording in Gaye’s old studio, Marvin’s Room. “He just puts it all out there.

Drake also revealed he was “four songs into the new album” at the time of this interview, including one which is titled “Tuscan Leather”:

Drake and 40 swivel at the same time and start tapping the keys of their laptops, cuing up the first track off of Nothing Was the Same, a song called “Tuscan Leather”—a title, Drake tells me, named for a Tom Ford fragrance that some say smells like a brick of cocaine.

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