Video: Pusha T & Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever in Jamaica (Part 4)

Friday, September 13th, 2013

As Pusha and Noah finish up their conversation, they talk about whether or not this album will cement Pusha’s legacy.

In the final episode of My Name Is My Name – Documentary Series, Pusha T and Noah wrap up their interview in Jamaica with talks of Pusha’s album and the impact it may have on hip hop and its audience.

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Video: Pusha T & Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever in Jamaica (Part 2)

Friday, September 6th, 2013

Part 2 of Pusha’s conversation with Complex boss Noah Callahan-Bever in Jamaica. In this clip they talk about the music he enjoys personally, the Clipse sound, his relationship with his brother No Malice, an encounter he had with the police during a car stop and more.

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Video: Pusha T & Complex’s Noah Callahan-Bever in Jamaica (Part 1)

Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013

In anticipation of his highly-awaited solo debut album, Pusha T dipped out to Jamaica to shoot a music video for his single ‘Blocka’. While out there he was joined by Complex Magazine’s capo, Noah Callahan-Bever, for an exclusive interview. The Mass Appeal alum chops it up with Push as they discuss a myriad of topics, all while traversing through the back blocks of Jamaica.

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KiD CuDi Covers Complex (October/November)

Monday, September 19th, 2011

A sober and clear-minded KiD CuDi speaks to Complex Editor In Chief Noah Callahan-Bever for their October/November issue. In the magazine’s third cover story with the rapper/actor in three years, he speaks about cleaning up his act, recent career moves such as his highly publicized separation from managers Pat & Emile, his relationship with women, fucking with other people musically (he still doesn’t, btw), making up with Wale, working on a rock album, being sober and the TV show.

So not a lot of features in your future?
I’m not interested in being someone’s look. And that’s what it is nowadays—a look. It’s hard for me to charge people, because I do my stuff for free. I do all my stuff with Jay and Kanye on the house, because it’s a brotherhood. Besides them, I can’t really hit nobody with a fee, because then that’s a dispute. What I want to charge, motherfuckers might not have a budget for!

On top of that, it’s a commitment when you do a song with somebody. Like, “We need a single, we need the video.” And then—like I said in the last interview, being that I don’t fuck with most people musically—it’s tough for me to want to bend and be a part of people’s projects.

Full story: Complex.

Behind the scenes from the cover shoot after the jump.

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Video: Noah Callahan-Bever Interview w/ Al Lindstrom

Monday, December 6th, 2010

Complex Editor-In-Chief and big homie Noah Callahan-Bever sat down with for their interview series on the print world:

In part 1 of our 3 part interview, we discuss his past. He first talks about what got him into the print game. Then he talks about his time at Ego Trip. He says that being in a place where the focus was more on putting out a great product, and less on making a huge profit, was a great moment in his life. Finally, we talk about Blaze magazine. He explains that at Blaze, the philosophy was to cover the new artists, instead of competing for the bigger named artists that the other mags would go for. He said that this taught him to create his own lane with Complex, instead of trying to do what the other mags were doing.

He got more into detail about this, and the great Complex cover piece on Kanye which he wrote, last Thursday on Combat Jack‘s radio show with Dallas Penn on PNCRadio – which you can stream below.

Make sure to tune into this week’s show for a very special episode.