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Video: Talib Kweli Sirius XM Listening Party Pt. 2

Tuesday, February 15th, 2011

Talib speaks to a caller about how he feels like he’s perceived, Sean Price discusses Mic Tyson and Talib performs a song with Nigel Hall.

In part 2 Talib talks about how he uses Twitter to connect with his fans and market his brand. Sean Price also talks for a few minutes about working with Talib and his upcoming album. Talib and Nigel Hall perform a track from “Gutter Rainbows” in the SiriusXM studio.

Props to itstheBino. Sean Price on his next album, “Mic Tyson”:

Sean Price: It’s not ready yet. I got a shit load of songs, but it’s not ready yet.

Interviewer: What would make it ready? What are you missing from the album right now?

Sean Price: I don’t know… I’m trying to make this like the worst album ever. To be as dumb as I am on records, it takes a lot of smarts, so… I’m working on it, I’m working on it. Nah I really got a lot of dumb shit on there, and you know I gotta concentrate on the dumb shit I’m putting together, man, for real, like, you know… if it ain’t disrespectful enough, I scrap it.

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