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New Beat Fund ft. Jay Rock – Get Up (Remix)

Thursday, May 8th, 2014

Jay Rock hops on a new remix of New Beat Fund’s “Get Up”. The track was commisioned by Red Bull in support of their Red Bull Editions remix project.

New Beat Fund bandmember Snaps said about the collaboration:

One of our big influences was 1990s West Coast gangster rap, which was like G-Funk. And we call our music G-Punk, which is derivative of that. We’ve always had it in our minds that we’d eventually like to work with hip-hop artists. And TDE is our favourite rap label right now.
BB: We respect what they’re doing – they’re in their own lane and not really giving a f**k what other people are doing. They’re just doing their own thing. We’re kind of a similar way. We make what we like and put it out there. We were super, super stoked to get them to do it.

Download here

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