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Busta: “Nobody is Fucking with Nah Right”

Thursday, January 29th, 2009

Man, I kid Trevor sometimes, but I have to admit, this dude has his fucking head on his shoulders.

Complex: How Internet savvy are you? Do you read the blogs?

Busta Rhymes: Yeah. Actually, I’ve been starting to develop my awareness level of how involved I need to be involved on the Internet level in the last 6-8 months and um…I’m not really technologically savvy, I still can’t go on a laptop and log onto all of this shit myself. But I keep up with Kanye’s blog a lot, I go on Q-tip’s blog a lot, I go on Diddy’s blog, Pharell’s blog. As far as the websites that I usually go to, I usually go to Nahright.com, Allhiphop.com, Sohh.com, and Worldstarflipflop.com. But, nobody is fucking with Nah Right right now, that shit is crazy. It’s actually been like that. They’ve been shitting on everything else for a long time. They’re unanimously killing everybody.

Throughout the interview, which was conducted by the homey Joe LaPuma over at Complex, he speaks on the controversy surrounding his single “Arab Money”, insists that his departure from Interscope was a mutual decision and compares Bill O’Reilly to J. Edgar Hoover.

Link: Busta Talks Jimmy Iovine, O’Reilly And Arab Fanmail

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