Audio: Nas & Damian Marley on Angie Martinez

Wednesday, May 19th, 2010


Nas & Damian continue their press tour in support of Distant Relatives, which went on sale yesterday.

Nas talks to Angie about supporting the census, explains his “fuck the radio” statement, and brushes off the leak of old footage from a never-aired Nas & Kelis reality show.

While Damian talks about the Jamaican Tourism Minister’s criticism of Drake’s “Find Your Love” video and relates it to same criticism he got with “Welcome To Jamrock.”


I really just express myself and forget that people are gonna hear it. I always do that. Then I’m like ‘oh wow, I gotta deal with this later.’ [So you don’t have an inside voice?] Nah. [Laughs] And then, there’s an audience that don’t keep up with what’s current. I like to entertain them too. I like to hype up the dudes that are not into what’s current. You can come to my show and feel rebellious, we walk a fine line… I love Hot97, I was here when it started…