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“Wu-Tang” – Joe Budden Disses

Monday, May 18th, 2009


MoeRoc – 32 Bars of Respect (Joe Budden Diss)

Fes Taylor – Fuck Joe Buddens

Just to show you how shameless this is:

MoeRoc, Executive at Wu Music Group defends his fellow Wu-Tang Clansman, Method Man, with a new Track fired towards Joe Budden entitled “32 Bars Of Respect”. MoeRoc comments, “The Joe Budden remarks towards Mef were disrespectful. I did it to teach Joe some Respect. In Hip Hop we already lost Loyalty & Integrity, we can’t allow Respect to go out the window just like that. Method Man is like a big brother to me, Mef is one of the illest to touch a Mic, Top 5 Stage Performers Ever & A Legend in Hip Hop. Joe will Never be a fraction of what Mef is, so for him to say he’s better than a Legend is obsurred. He wanted 32 Bars so I gave him ’32 Bars of Respect’ Joe is finished, I respect him as a rapper but he never made a significant Impact on Hip Hop. I’ve accomplished more than Joe Budden already & haven’t even put out my first major Album yet. Bottom line, if he thinks he is better than a Method Man, then I’m way Better than a Joe Budden.”

The Harlem MC also released a 7 Track Street Album entitled “Not The Average Joe” that features the record “32 Bars of Respect” via www.ImBetterThanJOE.com

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