Mountain Dew & New York Art Department Protest Bloomberg’s Soda Ban

Monday, September 10th, 2012

Bloomberg > Giuliani, but it’s still a lesser of two evils kind of situation. After telling New Yorkers where they can and can not smoke cigarettes and declaring war on trans fats (I’m actually not mad at that one), his new target is those absurdly large sodas they serve at 7-11 and most fast food joints.

While his intentions are good, and Americans certainly consume way too much sugar, his heavy handed approach to improving public healthy leaves much to be desired. In response to the Mayor’s proposed ban on soda servings over 16 oz., Mountain Dew and New York Art Department put together a public art/advertising campaign called PROHIBITION: NEW YORK CITY, which features a fictional 17 ounce can of Mountain Dew as a kind of subtle protest.

If you live in NYC and you’ll notice the posters popping up in various locations throughout the boroughs and Mountain Dew is encouraging residents to capture the campaign on instagram with the tag #dewyorkcity.