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Video: Tony Yayo Reading Nah Right Comments

Thursday, May 14th, 2009

Say what you want about watching Tony Yayo videos, but this is my job. Well truthfully, I thought the video quality looked cool and the description said something about Marvin addressing the hate from “fans” on blogs – so I said fuck it, maybe he’ll say something funny. (Click play…)

The song isn’t that bad, but really I’m impressed at the maturity of how he handled the situation. At least he did something about it and acknowledged it, even if it’s to say he’ll let it roll off his back. That’s better than threatening physical violence on your fans (that happens on other sites) or his boss who’s still in denial and will ignore, thinking  it’ll go away.

Oh and if you give a shit, this is off his Swine Flu (smh) mixtape coming next week. Hit the jump to see the cover (smh) and for an MP3 to the song.

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