One More Vintage Eminem Track ft. Proof

Wednesday, August 19th, 2009

From left to right: Manix (producer), Chaos Kid & M&M

One more vintage Em track ft. Proof, circa 1990-91. This is basically Em and Proof bugging out for the sake of bugging out on what they called at the time a “Suckering Rhyme”. You can read an explanation of what exactly that means in the ‘About’ section of this Myspace page.

And here’s a description of this track:

‘Hammer vs. Vanilla’ is M&M and Proof rappin on this one which has been included not only because it is hilarious but is one of the best examples of the true nature of the ‘Suckerin Rhyme’. This was done probably circa 1990-91.

Eminem ft. Proof – Hammer vs. Vanilla (Bassmint Suckerin Rhyme)

So yeah, this shit is basically horrible, but that’s understandable. Be sure to check that Myspace page because there are about 4 more tracks featuring an adolescent Em with titles such as “Purple Pimp Saga Bellbottom Pants” and “Mad Cold Blunts In The House”.

Props J Roc on the heads up

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