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Loop Library with Hannibal King

Friday, January 10th, 2014

For our latest installment of Loop Library, we caught up with Queens based producer Hannibal King. The rising talent has placed beats with Mac Miller, Joey Bada$$ and World’s Fair, and in addition to his production work, he also spits. For this piece he shared a few loops from artists like The Isley Brothers and Donald Byrd that he had laying around. He told us a little bit about each sample, gave us the isolated loop and then showed us how he utilized it on the final production.

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FEATURE: Loop Library with NahRight Features Editor Stan Ipcus

Friday, January 3rd, 2014

The holidays can be hectic, especially when you’re a family man with young children and local in-laws. But I was lucky enough to find some time for myself after my wife and kids were asleep the other night to dig through my production archives and listen to some old loops I had stashed away (yes, I’m a rap artist too, or at least I used to be haha). While going through them, I found a few I thought would be cool to share as a personal introduction to a new series we’re kicking off in 2014 called Loop Library, where we ask producers to come up off some gems from their stash. Check out five of my favorite unused loops I had tucked away below.

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