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Video: P.So ft. Likwuid & Fresh Daily – 1,000 Deaths of Wackness

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Here’s a new visual from P.So off his latest project with 8thW1, Suicide by Jellyfish, which you can preview and grab here. The clip uses clips from 3 animated features, Berzerk, Ghost In The Shell and Cowboy Bebop to illustrate the narrative:

P.SO’s opening verse takes place in the world of “Berserk” where he is faced to do battle, outnumbered 1 to 1,000. In the next sequence, Likwuid finds herself in the middle of a futuristic world where everything is connected by a global electronic network, forced to carry out a high-tech assassination. The story continues on to a secondary mission where Fresh Daily along with Likwuid chase after a mysterious character, ending in a shootout in a Cathedral. All of these images flash before your eyes rapidly in sync with a track sampled from Phantogram’s song “Futuristic Casket”. Edited and conceptualized by Shankar, this is one short musical video you cannot miss!

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