Lil Wayne – Light Up Freestyle (Ustream Rip)

Wednesday, June 9th, 2010


Drake jumped on Ustream tonight and played the “Light Up” verse that Lil Wayne recited from Rikers Island over the phone. Bare in mind that this is an audio rip of a live video of them playing the phone recording, so the quality will be mediocre until Drake decides to let it go.

Lil Wayne – Light Up Freestyle (Ustream Rip) | Mediafire


Props to Mazy via Illy. Drake’s Ustream session is after the jump.

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French Montana – Light Up Freestyle

Sunday, June 6th, 2010


It seems that French is gonna spit on every Jay-Z exclusive Evil Empire gets his hands on – which is fine, I’ve actually gotten used to hearing the drops – but why is he spitting over the fake edited version Splash told us about, this late in the game?

French Montana – Light Up Freestyle | Mediafire


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Video: Drake Talks Jay-Z Collabo, “Light Up”

Wednesday, December 30th, 2009

Track is produced by Tone Mason and co-produced by 40, via MTV.

True story, Drake spit his whole verse to me and my boy last week in Toronto. He even did the beginning of Jay’s verse too. Insanity.

He said they each have 32 bars, sorta like him and Lil Wayne did on “Ransom,” and even though he wanted to do a “No Hook” with Jay, this one has a chorus because apparently it’s sick.

He explained that he’s rapping about where he [thinks he] is in his career and then Jay comes tells him where he is.

He seemed pretty confident that this should satisfy anyone who was let down by the whole shitstorm that came with “Off That.” Apparently the story behind that is that it was a reference track he made for Jay-Z & Timbaland, two established artists in the game, who can rap about trend setting or trend stopping. But then Jay insisted he do the chorus, instead of Timbo.

No snitching, but Drake also mentioned that he had done two other (and apparently better) songs for Blueprint 3 that didn’t make the cut. Apparently he had a verse at the end of Jay & Kanye’s “Hate,” (but his verse got scrapped on the final version) and that he did a song with Jay called “Sweep” or “Sweep Up” (we were drinking,) where Jay talks about Bey and his love for her. Both of these songs have yet to see the light of day. 40 you need to holler at me.

It was a great conversation. Hopefully I’ll be able to drop more little tidbits here and there, otherwise you can expect to see a nice interview before the album drops.

Drake’s Thank Me Later is slated for a March 30th release as of now.