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Video: Mos Def – Life In Marvelous Times (Fanmade)

Friday, January 23rd, 2009

If you already clicked play, you must be wondering “What is this, I don’t even…” and rightfully so. RCRDLBL reports:

Mos Def decided to pick one of his fans for the official video to his hit single “Life In Marvelous Times,” from his next album The Ecstatic, and it was quite a good move! In this video, directed by Omega3600, still images depict every phrase Mos delivers with a smart blend of humor and compelling realism.

This might be biased because I detest Youtube slideshows, but it’s unclear if this was really a bad move. If he simply browsed Youtube to find any fanmade video that fit the description, he’s doing it wrong. But on the other hand, he could have instructed fans to “direct” a video for him, which would make this quite brilliant really.

My only problem with this video is that you would expect something bigger and better for a song like this, especially after the fuckery surrounding the last few Mos projects. Let’s hope there’s another video that pops up. Props to Victory, the resident Mos Def manfan.