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Lessondary (Elucid, VonPea & DonWill) – We’re All In Power

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009


Featuring 2/3s of Tanya Morgan:

Here is the first leak from the forthcoming Lessondary Radio project. The crew has hijacked select frequencies from Exile’s criminally underrated Radio album for proper aural assault. “We’re All In Power” features Lessondary members Elucid, VonPea, and Donwill. This version of “We’re All In Power” also features a special vocal dub mix by Elucid. Photos by Richard Louissant

Lessondary (Elucid, VonPea & DonWill) – We’re All In Power

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Donwill – Vainglorious Remake LP

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009


Tanya Morgan’s own Donwill says:

Around the time we were working on moonlighting me and brickbeats used to just meet up and record random shit. I always had this idea to pay homage to some of my favorite songs and use some of those interlude beats that my favorite albums always had on em. The result was the Vainglorious Remake LP. On it you will find me reenvisioning PE, Ghetto Boyz, NWA, EPMD, ATCQ and a few others and of course the Lessondary crew is in attendance. It’s ‘out of print’ by the standards of the digital age but thanks to the homie its been ‘reissued’ aka he found it and uploaded it to zshare. Apparently he has included a few extra songs to boot!

Download: Donwill – Vainglorious Remake LP

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