Video: Kurious Jorge Interview w/ Media Gasface

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

From the Upper West side to Harlem & Washington Heights

Kurious speaks his heart…
& talks about the gap between “Constipated Monkey” and his comeback album
Check the Uptown *hit !


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R.Thentic EP Feat. Kurious & Homeboy Sandman

Monday, June 1st, 2009


According to OnSMASH:

R.Thentic, The producer who gave Mos Def “The Glow” is back with the first installment in the AtManDana series. The EP is a single track experience featuring instrumentals that range from spacey to rugged and guest vocals from Homeboy Sandman, Ced Hughes, Kurious, Co$$ and Master Teacher Joseph Campbell.

Download: R.Thentic – AtManAnDa Volume 1 (As Above So Below) EP (feat. HomebOy SandmAN, Co$$, KurioUs Jorge, Dave Dar, Ced Hughes & Master Joseph CampbelL)