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Chance The Rapper & Jimmy Butler on Representing Chicago & That Trump Tweet

Wednesday, February 15th, 2017


Chance The Rapper and Chicago Bulls All-Star Jimmy Butler grace the cover of the new Entertainment issue of ESPN The Magazine, and they sat down with Justin Tinsley of The Undefeated to talk about a number of topics concerning the city of Chicago. The pair speak on their freshly minted relationship which came about after an introduction by Lil Wayne at Chance’s Magnificent Coloring Day festival, being the new faces of Chicago and the responsibility they feel to speak out on social issues.

They also address the threatening tone of Trump’s infamous tweet about sending the Feds into the city to end the ongoing epidemic of gun violence. While Chance remains hopeful that POTUS meant he would be sending federal financial assistance to the city’s neighborhoods, both challenged the adversarial tone of the message and slammed the president for feeding into the narrative of Chicago as equivalent to a war-torn Third World Country.

You can watch some excerpts from the Q&A below and read the full piece here.

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