Stan Ipcus – IP’s Nice (Admit It)

Tuesday, May 26th, 2009


Stan goes in over the beat to OC’s “Jewelz”:

I gave you both a shout out in the first verse for supporting me, but also threw a direct jab at Dante Ross for talking shit about me on, which I thought was a weird move coming from a hip hop legend I always admired. Since when is it bad to make a diss song about someone you are competing with in hip hop? I don’t talk shit. I put all my thoughts on wax. To me, that’s a hip hop move. Pardon me, I’ve been going in lately, and I’m not gonna stop. People might not want to admit it, but they know I’m nice. That’s what this song is about. This is not on The Young Professional. Peace, ip.

Stan Ipcus – IP’s Nice (Admit It)

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