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J-Zone – Fish-n-Grits (Album Stream)

Thursday, March 31st, 2016


Tomorrow, producer, MC and multi-instrumentalist J-Zone will deliver his latest solo studio album, Fish-n-Grits. He sets the tone for the project on the “Swagboi vs. Purist” album intro, which declares the ongoing generational squabbles over the sound of Rap to be counterproductive and played out, before driving home the point that quality should be the sole standard by which all music is ultimately judged.

Zone has always addressed the stark realities of the industry in his music, and if you’ve heard his most recent single “Go Back To Sellin’ Weed,” then you know his MO hasn’t changed on Fish-n-Grits. The album features guest appearances from Al-Shid, Prince Paul and Has-Lo, as well as his alter-agos Chief Chinchilla and Swagmaster Bacon. Today we’re happy to premiere a full stream of FnG ahead of its release tomorrow. Check it out below and head over to Bandcamp, iTunes or Spotify for digital and physical purchase and streaming options.

Additionally, I have also included the first episode of Zone and my brother Elgin’s new “Buried Treasures” podcast which finds them breaking down Brooklyn legend Masta Ace’s 1990 debut Take A Look Around with the man himself.

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Video: J-Zone – Mad Rap/Stick Up

Monday, October 27th, 2014

J-Zone likes to Rap. J-Zone wants you to hear his raps while looking at moving images, but J-Zone does not like making music videos. So here’s a compromise in the form of a new audio/visual collage for his “Mad Rap” b/w “Stick Up” single which you can pick up in various formats here. J-Zone appears sporadically, but he’s pulling cards throughout.

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Video: J-Zone – Crib Issues

Monday, January 13th, 2014

Oh shit, this is ill. Off Zone’s Peter Pan Syndrome, out now.

Zone says:

For all of you (old) people who taped your videos on VHS back in the day. And keep your bathrooms clean.

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Video: Rhythm Roulette with J-Zone

Thursday, December 5th, 2013

J-Zone hits Breakdown Records in Bayside, Queens for the latest installment of Mass Appeal’s “Rhythm Roulette” series and ends up working wonders with some ill strings.

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Video: J-Zone – Gadget Ho

Thursday, September 12th, 2013

You couldn’t even watch this in HD if you wanted to. J-Zone’s Peter Pan Syndrome is out now.

J-Zone’s first ever actual music video that he’s actually in! 15 years too late. Stop sending emoticons.

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Video: J-Zone in the Studio (Limitations & Mistakes)

Wednesday, August 28th, 2013

This is a great video. J-Zone shows us around his technologically impaired home studio setup with his broken MPC and his copy of Pro Tools 6.2.2 and explains how a more primitive recording process has actually enhanced his music in different ways. Which goes back to what DJ Eclipse was saying in the last 2 minutes or so of this video, about how technological advancements have so lowered the bar of entry into music that everybody just kinda puts out anything whether its good or not. No dues are being paid and there’s little struggle to speak of, and so the music reflects that. J-Zone’s janky setup is what this culture is all about, making the best of what you have and turning shit into sugar.

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J-Zone – Gadget Ho

Monday, August 19th, 2013

The always entertaining J-Zone wants those “Gadget Hoes” to put their damn phone away in the club on his first release from his upcoming project, Peter Pan Syndrome, due out September 10th.

Pre-order Peter Pan Syndrome here.

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Mister Jason ft. Various Artists – Mister Jason Has A Posse

Tuesday, July 26th, 2011

An epic posse cut from Frankensteez, the new solo project from Mister Jason of Boston area underground duo Porn Theater Ushers. Features verses from Akrobatik, Bad Newz, Checkmark, D-tension, Esoteric, Forcefeeld (Top Choice), Edo G, Masstapeace, Indy Jonez (I.D.), Jaysaun, Falsehood, Moe Pope, Nabo Rawk, Oak Lonetree, Q-Unique, Reks, Slaine, Termanology, Dizzy from Ugly Duckling, Thirstin Howell, Will C, YZ and J-Zone.

Download: Link

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