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10 Classic In Living Color Performances

Thursday, October 24th, 2013

As I’ve mentioned previously, 90’s Rap fans hungry to see live performances by their favorite artists had few options outside of actually attending a live show. Of course, this wasn’t a realistic option for everybody, particularly if you were an 12 year-old grade school student with zero funds and parents that weren’t having it. Like Showtime At The Apollo before it, sketch comedy show In Living Color was one of those rare television programs of the time that gave light and a national stage to “of the moment” Hip-Hop artists.

Unlike Showtime At The Apollo, In Living Color aired during primetime on a weekday, so their groundbreaking sketches and Rap performances were frequently the number one topic of conversation for kids at school the next day. Had Twitter been around back then, I have no doubt your timeline would have been flooded with Homey The Clown quotes and Wanda screencaps. But these were simpler times and so the conversation usually had to wait until the following day. I can clearly remember the excitement in the schoolyard the day after Gangstarr closed the show out with “DWYCK”, or when Eric B. and Rakim tore the house down with “Know The Ledge”.

For our latest installment of our Video Vault series, Ip compiled some of the greatest Rap moments from the show’s five season run.

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