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The Celestics (Kaytranada & Louie P.) – Supreme Laziness (Mixtape)

Tuesday, May 20th, 2014

The Celestics is a rap duo comprised of wildly popular/talented Montreal producer Kaytranada and his brother/rapper Louie P.

Kaytranada gained online notoriety from his remixes of classic R&B records (listen to a couple clutch ones after the jump) and exploded onto the global scene early last year with the release of “All We Do” ft. JMSN off Kaytra Todo, his official release from Germany’s Jakarta Records & HW&W Recordings based in Los Angeles. All of which was followed by a slew of live shows, festival dates and some dance (or electro?) singles that were received on a widespread/international level. Whatever genre you call it, I’m very fond of this guy’s music/remixes/beats.

Kaytra, born Kevin, rode this current remix wave which has been terrorizing the music internets (Soundcloud, HypeM, etc.) for the last few years and is leading the pack of new producers and fresh faces of the “beat” scene. He’s actually done such a good job at carving out a sound of his own, that he now has to spend his time replying to fans on Twitter about his drops either not being droppy enough, or conversely, all of his beats “sounding the same”… and then gets asked about it in interviews :/.

While familiarizing myself with his pretty impressive library of new music on Soundcloud (I’m gonna come clean, this and Jacques Greene’s page have been mainstays on my browser tabs since the beginning of 2014 when #IStoppedListeningToRap), I also came across the track “Charles Barkley”, embedded below, off the tape that my man was trying to put me onto at a house party last year. Truth be told, when I heard it playing on one of Kaytra’s Boiler Room sets, I didn’t even notice Louie P.’s French accent (they’re Haitian) until I heard him shout out Montreal. The track was still very impressive. Just a fair warning though: the French Accent remains for the remainder of the tape.

Included above is the video for another single from the tape, “Kill”.

These boys are a part of a tight-knit crew of guys in Montreal’s music scene. They throw some ill live shows and the support they get from the hometown crowd is overwhelming. People don’t just show up to live shows/DJ sets here for anything. Not to mention bringing out actual GIRLS to RAP shows…consistently.

Last month, Kaytranada got a very prestigious and well-deserved placement on the most recent Mobb Deep album, which can be streamed here. Supreme Laziness is Kaytranada & The Celestics first real foray into the rap world, check out the tape below and listen to some of my favorite Kaytra joints after the jump.

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