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Dallas Penn’s Rock The Bells Recap

Sunday, August 29th, 2010

Yesterday, Internets Celebrity Dallas Penn sent out this tweet early in the afternoon, so I tried putting him in contact with the right people over @ Guerilla Union who would be able to get him not only inside the festival, but hopefully, close enough for him to be able to do his thing for les internets, and possibly get footage of this historic day.

Sadly, it didn’t happen, but he did manage to find his way in on his own. Below is an account of the events going on both inside and outside the concert (after the jump.) accompanied by the above video for people who aren’t into reading his long-ass blog drop.

Previously: Rock The Bells @ Governor’s Island, NY (PICS)

Your homey Derek wasn’t able to put me on the list. But since I took this godforsaken ferry to this island I wasn’t about to be shut down for a lack of a credentials. Here’s my recap of the shit I did get to do at Rock The Bells…

Rock The Bells is the most gonzo retarded way to experience a rap concert. Its an all day buffet of some of Hip-Hop’s most longstanding, established acts along with some of the most notoriously obscure.

Obscure in the sense that only Dart Adams would know of all the artists on the Paid Dues stage. But even the upcoming and underground acts on the second stage of this festival had hardbody followings. I still haven’t listened to Wiz Khalifa but my homeys that caught his set tell me a star was born on Governor’s Island.

I was too busy trying to get backstage during the Lauryn Hill set. The backstage area was a zoo filled with the who’s who of (old head) Hip-Hop. If you released a record in the 1990s this was like your class reunion. Provided you were still alive of course. I was a little frightened that the A Tribe Called Quest set was going to be a Phife memorial since there was a grip of folks walking around with t-shirts with his face emblazoned on them. It turns out that the shirts were only promo for his new album. Whew. Nowadays the biggest news from my era of the culture is usually the death of an artist.

The ATCQ and Wu-Tang sets were my reason for venturing out to the festival. I can’t do these all day concert events any longer especially if I’m not using any drugs and I was going into this one completely sober. I needed to have all my wits about me since I didn’t have a press credential or even a ticket for that matter.

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Video: Guerilla Union’s Founder Speaks on Paid Dues 2010 Line-Up

Friday, February 5th, 2010

The founder of Guerilla Union speaks on how him and MURS went about deciding the line up for this year’s Paid Dues festival. He says a lot of it had to do with who was dropping a project.

Tickets go on sale Saturday morning at 10AM

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