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Video: Jay-Z – Grammy Family Freestyle (from 2006)

Wednesday, September 9th, 2009

I been crushing the building since Izod socks
I’m so independent shit I might buy Koch
I might not stop, places to cop
76 floors you could call me the Doc…
I live on top of the Trump, I trumped Donald
It’s a Beautiful Day, I’m the new Bono
Smoking Cubanos, doing donuts in the leer
I’m no zero, though I throw up smoke zeros in the air

I have never seen these videos in my life. I always asked if there was ever any footage of this, but was led to assume that Hot 97 was too archaic for it. Props to Big Dennis though. This was the night Jay went up to Hot 97 to promote Kingdom Come and ended up talking to Flex about a slew of topics (like, Jimmy for example – and coined the expression “we need a board!”) This was also one of the first times I helped out at Nah Right (that’s 2006! catch up Nahggers!!)

If you listen to the interview (the link might be dead now,) Jay discusses the downloading generation and the kids getting music “however they get it.” Although he said it quite confidently, and might even seem like a leak afficionado in this recent video, I wonder if he really had a clue. Hell, the zSHARE links to the freestyle & full interview links lasted maybe 3 years until zSHARE cleaned up house.

Since he didn’t freestyle on Flex’s show tonight this is a pleasant surprise. Props to KLEP ONE for sending me this. You already know what’s after the jump. Yup!

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