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Audio: Max B’s First Interview Since Being Convicted

Tuesday, June 16th, 2009

Max B was convicted of multiple charges stemming from robbery, kidnapping and murder which occurred in 2006. He maintains his innocence and his attorney, Gerald M. Saluti, Esq. plans to appeal the guilty verdict within the next year.

Props to HipHopStan

Previously: Max B’s Lawyer Reads Letter From Max (Video)

Tony Yayo vs. Max B’s Lawyer

Monday, June 15th, 2009


For once, I agree with Yayo. Fuck this twitter / youtube attention whore..

Previously: Video: Max B’s Lawyer Reads Letter From Max < < How are you supposed to be believable in court if you can’t even keep a straight face on YouTube..

via Sha & Jayson @ MTV

Tony Yayo is disappointed to see friend and recording partner Max B go to jail. Max, born Charles Wingate, was found guilty of manslaughter, as well as eight other charges, last week in New Jersey. His sentencing is July 31.

Yayo said the trial went south before it even started, blaming his friend’s downfall on a January video blog, in which Max and his lawyer, Gerald M. Saluti, spoke about the case for more than six minutes. The two also were part of subsequent Internet interviews.

“It’s an unfortunate thing that happened to Max B,” Yayo told us. “He just had a kid. I fuck with Max. I fuck with French Montana. I think he had bad representation with his lawyer. What lawyer do you know that’s gonna do a blog with you? That’s when I think everything got messed up. That blog fucked it up. You know I’m always in trouble. When I have a case, I don’t do no press, nothing. If you don’t got a lawyer there telling you, ‘Shut the fuck up,’ you’re fucked up. The lawyer was wack. Your lawyer wants to sit there and do a blog with you? Max’s lawyer may not have been the one to handle a homicide.

Saluti met Max a couple of years ago as part of the legal team Jim Jones provided for Max, who is an estranged member of Jones’ Byrd Gang. Saluti eventually took the reins and said he would rep B for free.

The lawyer fumed when he was told of Yayo’s comments.

“My first comment is, who the hell is Tony Yayo and what law school did he go to?” Saluti said. “Everything I do, I do for a reason. And where were all these people in support of Max — like Tony Yayo and all these other people that have something to say — when he was out there by himself facing all of these charges? Nowhere to be seen. Now everyone has an opinion about it. Everyone wants to help Max. I saw people were bustin’ my chops about blogging while we were waiting for a verdict in this case … on my Twitter. Do people actually think I touch my own Twitter and it’s not my assistant? You think I have time to Twitter?

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