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Genovese ft. Danse – $1K A DAY

Thursday, July 20th, 2017

Yonkers vet Genovese has got a new EP called Never Follow Trends dropping next week and today he’s sharing the first single, “$1K A Day” featuring Danse of BKLYN Stickup. Shoutout AKP haa.

Listen below.

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Moe Money, Richie Thumbs & Genovese – Body, Body

Tuesday, February 21st, 2017


I’ve got some of that good nostalgia for the 90’s kids today. The trio of Moe Money, Richie Thumbs and Genovese reunite for a new freestyle called “Body, Body” over the “Oochie Wally” instrumental. This year marks the 20th anniversary of Diehard Records, an independent label that all of these guys were signed to back during the rise of The LOX in the mid-90’s. Founded by Pay-Per-View co-creator Brian Cooper, Diehard is the entity behind such classic mixtape cuts as Kasino’s “Well, Well, Well” and Richie Thumbs’ “Thumbs Up”, both featuring The LOX, and “Genovese’s Thesis” featuring Styles P.

Check out the freestyle below and look for more from the Diehard alumni, including a documentary on the label, later this year.

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Video: MINX ft. Genovese – Feathers

Friday, May 6th, 2016

MINX is joined by Y-O’s own Genovese in her new video for “Feathers,” off the Bars & BLT’s mixtape, which is out now.

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Genovese – 24/8

Tuesday, April 12th, 2016


After paying tribute to the entire ’96 NBA draft class last week, Genovese singles out Kobe Bryant for a personal homage. Kobe will suit up to play his final game tomorrow night against the Utah Jazz.

Listen below.

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Genovese – Nine-Six Draft Class

Wednesday, April 6th, 2016


Yonkers OG Genovese takes it back to 1996 with his new record “Nine-Six Draft Class,” which pays tribute to both the legendary NBA Draft that occurred that year and included Hall of Famer no-brainers such as Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson and Ray Allen, and the ridiculous roster of MCs coming out of New York at the time.

Listen below.

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Genovese – 100 Years

Friday, December 11th, 2015


Yonkers native and Italian-American MC Genovese pays tribute to the Chairman of The Board on his new track “100 Years.” Frank Sinatra, America’s most iconic gang-affiliated musician, has influenced many an MC over the years. Old Blue Eyes would have turned 100 tomorrow if he was still with us and Geno takes the opportunity to pay tribute to his legendary life and career.

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Genovese, Danse & NEMS – Bonkers

Thursday, September 18th, 2014

Yonkers and Brooklyn connect on “Bonkers” a new collaboration between BKLYN Stickup’s Danse, FYL’s NEMS and Genovese.

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After 15 Years, Genovese Drops My America LP

Wednesday, June 25th, 2014

image (16)

Fifteen years ago today, Yonkers rapper Genovese, under contract with Universal, was supposed to have dropped his debut album, My America. Back in 1999, Eminem was making all sorts of noise and labels were falling all over themselves to sign the next big white rapper. Geno was a decidedly different type of artist than Em. While Marshall had cut his teeth on Detroit’s well established battle scene, Genovese was more of a street MC, reared on the unforgiving streets of Yonkers. He had made his name alongside artists like The LOX and Richie Thumbs during the height of the DJ Clue mixtape era and he was respected on the streets of NY during a period when white rappers were still few and far between.

At the time, Reggie Osse, whom we now know as Combat Jack, was Geno’s attorney and they were taking meetings with labels from Def Jam to Jive to Sony. After walking away victorious from an impromptu battle against another aspiring white MC at the Universal offices, Geno was signed to a $300k production deal. He prepped his debut album and Universal invested a decent amount of bread to shoot a video for his single “My Life” and promote the LP.

Then, for reasons that are still not entirely clear, Geno was dropped 21 days prior to his scheduled release date. There has been much speculation as to why Universal suddenly got cold feet, but it’s widely believed that our boy was blacklisted by some of the most powerful artists in the game at the time. One rumor had Jay-Z shutting down the project after a perceived lyrical slight. Another said it was because Universal didn’t want the negative attention that the last name Genovese brought with it. Whatever it was, it’s not likely that we’ll ever know the full story.


But it’s a new day and you no longer need a record label or a PR firm to drop an album. And so 15 years after its expected release, Genovese’s My America is now available for your listening pleasure. The album is a hefty 22-track affair and it features guest appearances from Styles P, Mo Money, Big Red and Blood Raw. Also included is the Joell Ortiz assisted bonus track “The Corner” which also features Geno’s cousin Gustapo.

Here’s a previously unreleased cut from the album called “Lil Italy”, featuring Mobstyle, the infamous Harlem Rap crew headed by drug lord Azie Faison.

Purchase My America on iTunes now, 25% of all proceeds from the album will be donated to Yonkers MC Kasino’s Ynotu2 non-profit.

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Genovese & RAST – Kings of New York

Friday, June 6th, 2014

This one really hits home for me because it features a couple of cats I consider family: my man RAST RFC and the Yonkers OG Genovese. A mutual friend of ours introduced them some time last year and RAST expressed his appreciation for Geno’s work during his 90s mixtape run and Geno likewise showed love to Rast’s recent stuff. They ended up working on “Kings of New York” completely organically. The result is a perfect manifestation of two worlds I inhabited as a kid, the Downtown graf scene and the streets of Yonkers.

You can catch RAST performing at Webster Hall tomorrow night at the Meyhem Lauren & Buckwild Release Party for Silk Pyramids.

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Video: Genovese ft. Styles P – Walk The Streets (Snowgoons Remix)

Monday, November 25th, 2013

German production team Snowgoons remixes Genovese and SP’s “Walk The Streets”. Pretty tough.

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