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Video: Max B Responds To “Frienemies”

Monday, March 30th, 2009

“What are these words? Frienemies. What are such words? What are these prePOSterous words? What are these words? What are these units you’re selling? What are these 16,000 the first week? What are these 300 units the first week of the Christmas album? You done made Santa flop.”

Then he starts talking about Chrissy, who supposedly is responsible for the Cam & Jim disconnect in the first place…

“Why this bitch calling my phone when I told her I’m trying to cool the drama down. She called me like ‘Biggie I need you’. She don’t get enough of his dick? Miami, Chicago, Russia, she gon get on the next hotboy. I got Chrissy on tape and I’m bout to show that. I got her on my cameraphone, that’s Jim Jones’ fiancee… Told me in the car I look like a girl. I told her ‘Bitch, you look like a gorrilla, I rather look like a girl than a gorilla.'”