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Jim Jones ft. Meek Mill & Fred Da Godson – Ill Be Back (Radio Rip)

Saturday, July 23rd, 2011

DJ Self played this brand new track last night on Power 105 and here is the radio rip.

Download: Link

Showbiz ft. KRS-One & Fred Da Godson – We Love This

Wednesday, January 12th, 2011

Showbiz ft. KRS-One & Fred Da Godson – We Love This | Usershare

Fred The Godson – Big Bronx (Mixtape)

Sunday, February 21st, 2010


What Slate had to say about Fred The Godson:

Fred the Godson, a relatively new underground MC from the Bronx, has one of the best names in rap, some of the best punch lines, and as illustrated in the video for his song, “King Kong,” he’s an especially good hand actor. [*dead*]

Unlike Biggie, Fred the Godson is a very big man whose hands are constantly slicing, tumbling, catapulting, and otherwise acting out his rhymes. He is not a wild gesticulator—his hands cut tight little figures. This juxtaposition of weight and nimbleness has a corollary in Fred the Godson’s rhymes, which are sneaky, quick, and sound more like chuckles than the bellows you’d expect from a guy of his build. There isn’t much to the video, and yet it’s more transfixing than it has any right to be: I could enjoy watching Fred mime flicking dollar bills, throwing touchdowns, and aiming assault rifles with the sound off.

Here’s the latest mixtape from the Clark Kent-cosigned MC.

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