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Mr. Hudson Speaks About Jay-Z’s “Forever Young”

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009


They made this song before they did the 808’s cuts:

“That was my last day in Hawaii,” he explains. “I was about to go back to London for a couple of weeks.” Before the U.K. native departed, he and the Chi-Town MC sipped on a few drinks, and then returned to the studio. “We just did it at the last minute,” says Hudson. “It sounded massive and everyone was dancing around. Kanye knew he [did] it again.”

Once the record was complete, West sent it along to Mr. Carter. “I think [Jay-Z] played it 150 times in a day, because he rang Kanye up and said, ‘I just looked at iTunes and the count is at 150,’” Mr Hudson reveals. “And that was only 24 hours later [after he received the song]. With the good news in tow, the singer headed back to England. “I went home happy that I had made a track and Jay-Z liked it.”

While Mr Hudson has not yet had the opportunity to be in the studio alongside Jay, the rapper took a liking to the pop star’s distinct sound from afar. Hudson is featured on two other songs on The Blueprint 3, though their titles remain a mystery. “I sang on a whole lot of beats, so I don’t know which ones they’ll be using,” he admits. “It’ll be a surprise for me. I said to Kanye the other day when we were in L.A., ‘Are you sure I’m on three tracks?’ [and] he’s like, ‘Yeah, you are.’”

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Video: Mr Hudson On Working With Jay-Z on BP3

Monday, May 18th, 2009

Ben talks to MTV News about going from singing to simply put food on the table to going on tour with Kanye and working with Jay-Z:

And when West informed Hudson that he would be featured on three songs on Jay-Z’s Blueprint 3 during the interview, Hudson was shocked.

“Am I?” Hudson asked.

“Yeah, well, you have, like, a few,” West replied. “The song ‘Forever Young’ is incredible, and I want you to do a few more. I want you to do the chorus for ‘She’s Like That All the Time.’ Just outright do the chorus.”

Hudson worked with West last summer on a variety of projects including 808s & Heartbreak, but he said the icing on the cake was the fact he appears to have impressed Jay-Z.

“I hope Jay … Jay-Z still likes it. I call him Jay like I’ve met him more than twice, but we flipped [Bob Dylan’s] ‘Forever Young.’ … But to be on a Jay-Z album and a Kanye West album in six months … I’m pinching myself. To be honest, it just does not sink in.”

After the jump, find an interesting quote from Mr. Hudson that might give you an added perspective about some of the things he’s had to go through to get here:

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