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JJ DOOM – Banished (Beck Remix)

Monday, August 5th, 2013

Two Beck references in one day! What are the odds? Here, he remixes “Banished” from JJ DOOM (MF Doom & Jneiro Jarel). This will appear on the upcoming rework of Keys To The Kuffs, the Butter Version, coming soon. Artwork by DOOM and Steve “ESPO” Powers.

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Young Jeezy x ESPO Complex Cover

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2009


They dropped the Clipse x KAWS cover yesterday, and here’s the second rapper x artist collab cover featuring Young Jeezy and Philly graf kingpin ESPO. Here’s an excerpt:

Complex: Why is that?
Young Jeezy: ’Cause I’m still focused. Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t gonna sit here and act like I ain’t got some things going on, but that ain’t never been my get-up. Anybody that I ever dealt with knows that I’m a very focused individual, and when it comes to my work and what I do, you might have to play the back burner to that.

Complex: Does your situation with DJ Drama—
Young Jeezy: Man, I would never talk about that in my Complex Magazine interview, are you crazy? [Laughs.] No more light. Fight is over.

Complex: No more light.

Young Jeezy: Grown, baby, we moving on. I ain’t really no nigga to search for attention or do shit to get attention. I never mentioned niggas’ names, or said anything about anything throughout my career to get no cool points—I just mind my business. But at the same time, I’m a man first. If I feel offended, I’ma speak on it. Like you, you’re not gonna be walking along and a motherfucker just say something crazy to you in the middle of Manhattan and you gonna just keep it moving? You’re gonna say your piece or what? [Laughs.]

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Check out the accompanying video after the jump:

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